Cybercriminals Are Back from the Holidays

Well that didnt last long. It seems spammers have returned to the job after a hiatus for Christmas and New Year, both stateside and in Russia.

After a global drop in spam volume during December, at which time levels were at their lowest for 2010, Commtouch has published a brief from its GlobalView Network reporting an upward trend in spam.

In fact, according to the messaging security vendor, since January 9, spam from the Rustock botnet (responsible for the majority of global spam) has returned to pre-holiday levels.

Trend Micro also noted that spam levels are returning to normal, adding that despite Rustock going dark last month, on a year-over-year basis, spam numbers still grew in 2010.

On the Proofpoint security blog, Keith Crosley summed things up with the following:

Not too much else to say about this right now except that it really does look like one (or maybe several) of the top spam senders took a holiday vacation and are now back at it on the second Monday of the new year.

In related news, a report by Sophos named and shamed the U.S. as the largest spam pusher in the world, followed by India, Brazil, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

According to Sophos, the U.S. relayed almost 20 percent of the worlds spam during 2010, which is significantly more than the 7 percent pushed by the likes of India.


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