Application firewall

UserGate has a built-in application filtering module that allows for the management of Internet-based applications and for setting restrictions on their use by version/type/protocol or name. Now you can manage Internet access for both users and applications on a client machine. For example, using Application Firewall, you can allow users to employ only a particular version of Internet Explorer and deny all other browsers. Or, an administrator can block MSN or ICQ traffic to prevent malware that may spread through these programs from getting into the local network.

The Application Firewall in UserGate works on the basis of administrator-defined rules that are applied to a user or user group. Initially, there is only one default rule, which allows any user application to access any IP address using any protocol. After gathering initial usage statistics, the administrator can supplement the default rule by adding custom rules.

Network application statistics per user are available in the “Application history” window of the application firewall.

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