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UserGate Mail Server is a solution for secure corporate e-mail management with built-in antispam and antivirus modules. The product is built from multiple modules, which makes it more failsafe and allows running the server on a distributed system.

E-mail Management

UserGate Mail Server basic features include domain and account management, Web-client, distribution list support, remote accounts management, LDAP support and a powerful and flexible rules system.



The product supports SSL, POP3s, SMTPs and IMAPs protocols for secure e-mail access. Additionally, UserGate Mail Server features Commtouch Zero-Hour cloud-based antivirus module (Cloud Antivirus) and three integrated antivirus modules from Kaspersky Lab, Panda Security and Avira. All these modules are used to scan SMTP traffic for viruses.

Several levels of spam protection

When processed by UserGate Mail Server, messages go through several filtering stages, including connection filtering, sender filtering, recipient filtering and content filtering. UserGate Mail Server supports the following spam filtering methods:

  • DNS-based filtering (DNSBL, RHSBL, Backscatter, MX, SPF, SURBL);
  • Distributed antispam system filtering (Cloud Antispam);
  • Statistical filtering (Bayesian filtering method designed by Entensys).

In addition, UserGate Mail Server SMTP monitoring (ensures the commands comply with RFC), allows to set maximum message size, maximum number of addressees, etc.

IMAP integration

UserGate Mail Server supports integration with an IMAP server (MS Exchange or Lotus Domino). The integration feature allows creating a public IMAP folder on a remote mail server and processing messages in this folder.

Monitoring and statistics

UserGate Mail Server supplies you with information on all the messages processed by the server. Message monitoring tool allows you to organize messages by date, processing status (delivered/blocked) and source or destination address, push-send messages blocked as spam, and create exceptions lists.

Other features

UserGate Mail Server also features e-mail àrchiving, automatic reply, mail processing rules configuration, web console service management and selection of random dates in mail history.

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We were looking for a low maintenance way of allowing our staff access only the sites they needed to use. UserGate came out tops in both simplicity of use and features. It's perfect for small companies.

Dermot Mc Colgan, General Manager
Traynors Motor Store


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